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EP 566 – Celebrating Siblings

EP 566 – Celebrating Siblings

April 10, 2020

It is usually the longest relationship in our life. If you have brothers or sisters, then you will know that rivalry and love can exist in the same relationship. Siblings are a part of who we are, and that shared history is what makes this relationship so valuable.

Did you know that research has shown that healthy sibling relationships can significantly benefit us later in life’ The quality of sibling relationships is one of the most important predictors of mental health in old age, according to The American Journal of Psychiatry. Research shows that people who are emotionally close to their siblings have higher life satisfaction and lower rates of depression later in life.

An agreeable relationship between siblings isn’t always a given. It takes work.

Today is the day to let your siblings know how much you appreciate them. Sibling Day is a way of honouring that special bond that can exist between siblings.

So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating National Siblings Day:

  • Post a photo with your siblings using the hashtag #NationalSiblingsDay
  • Reach out and share a special memory of the two of you growing up together
  • Plan for connection time and share goals. Aging changes us into vastly different people, and it’s entirely possible your sibling might not even know who you truly have become as an adult. Open up, share, and learn about each other
  • Finally, just as you might regularly tell your spouse or partner you love them, siblings need those reassurances too.

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EP 565 – Express Yourself Through Poetry

EP 565 – Express Yourself Through Poetry

April 9, 2020

Today is the day to share your favourite poem with your friends and co-workers. You may share the actual piece of paper you wrote it on, or you can Tweet it or FB it. Poetry can be shared at any time.

Poetry can be a mantra for living.  It can express your emotions.  Sometimes it can remind us of those we have loved or lost.  Poetry can give a spiritual connection.  It can provide you with a new perspective, and it can transport you.

One of my favourites for living my life is by Dylan Thomas.  Life is to be lived, not watched.

Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Sometimes we find lessons in poems that are bang on.

So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating National Poetry Month:

Go through your old books and re-visit some of the poems that use to connect to your heart

Search through the Internet to find some old classics or to read what a younger generation is writing about

Write your own poem to express your gratitude or your emotions.  It can help you to go deeper and sort out all that you are experiencing

Share your poems with others

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EP 564– Sleep Tight and Don’t Let The Bad Energy Bite

EP 564– Sleep Tight and Don’t Let The Bad Energy Bite

April 8, 2020

Getting a full night’s sleep is up there on the list of things that can make you an energetic, happier person. That quality and quantity can be impacted by poor feng shui in your bedroom. By being aware of some of the principles of feng shui, your bedroom can promote healing, love, and energy.

So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Feng Shui Awareness Day:

Meeting the feng shui bed guidelines starts with a solid headboard, good mattress, good frame height, and no storage underneath.

Choose Your Bedroom to be at the back-end of your home. The back-end of our homes are usually much quieter and your sleep is less likely to be disrupted.

Position your head so that you can see the door and have your headboard against the wall. This gives you a subtle sense of security that’ll help you fall asleep easier. The feng shui commanding position is the area furthest diagonally from the door, but not in line with it.

Only have things that bring you joy and help your energy

Work and sleep don’t mix, so avoid work-related furniture in the bedroom.

Get rid of “light pollution” that causes sleepless nights. Use black out curtains if necessary.

Remove all electronics from easy-access to your bed, and you can find your sleep quality improve.

Keep your bedroom free of clutter including underneath your bed. A clean and organized bedroom is more visually relaxing and less likely to invoke frustration and agitation that lower your sleep quality.

Feng shui is often misconstrued as a complicated, confusing process, however, just follow a few basic principles. Keep clutter at a minimum, have plenty of natural light and fill your home with rounded or curved furniture to allow energy to flow more freely throughout a space.

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EP 563– Motivation and Wellness

EP 563– Motivation and Wellness

April 7, 2020

As wellness leaders and wellness cheerleaders know, it is often not a lack of information that our team’s face.  It is about finding a stronger motivation to fight the no’s and the excuses.

Look for example at your smoking cessation programs.  I would venture to say that almost everyone who smokes know that it is harming them in one way or the other.  It is not until someone has a clear mental picture as to what the benefits are or how they see their life without smoking, that they can even hope to be successful. 

So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Physical Wellness Month:

Help people to have a picture in their head of what life will look like when they have achieved their wellness goal. 

 So, my picture, is to be able to still run a successful business and to have the creativity and motivation to keep trying new things.  It is to be teaching karate to young boys and girls when I am older.  I want to be that cool grandma that goes on the roller coaster rides and can walk along the beach. I want to be in my gardens, and I want to stay living in my two-story house.  I want to be sure-footed and not afraid to go out and about.  I want my back to be straight and my eyes looking forward, not hunched and looking at the ground.  So I try to walk at least a couple of times every week, sometimes, complaining the whole way.  I go to karate class as often as I can. I throw the frisbee in the snow, because even though it’s only the dog getting exercise, I am taking in the benefits of the light that will positively impact my mood and energy.

There are so many wellness programs that you could host at your workplace. How are those programs going to help your team be who they picture themselves being? 

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EP 562 – Controlling Conflict

EP 562 – Controlling Conflict

April 6, 2020

April celebrates Conflict Awareness Month.

Celebrates sounds like a funny word to use when we are talking about conflict, but there are benefits to conflict including:

Becoming aware of issues within your team

Encouraging change in the way things are done

Stimulating creativity and bonding as you work to solve the conflict

And Promoting decision-making.

Conflict becomes difficult to manage when personalities hinder the process.

So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Conflict Awareness Month:

Understanding why some team members become more difficult or negative, and when they are more likely to act that way, can prevent that build up of tension from happening, that may prevent the team from productively solving the conflict.

So why are people difficult?

For some, negative attitudes and behaviours are expressed when they are stressed out and just don’t have the energy to use better communication skills, judgment and manners.

Our goal is to stop rewarding these irritating behaviours. To do this, we must understand what employees expect to gain from being so difficult. Some want to feel more in control. Some want to feel important and listened to, and some want to avoid outright conflict, but will act out their annoyance or disagreement through other negative behaviours. By finding the strategies to meet their needs and lower their stress, they may be better able to focus on solving the conflict.

The difficulty behind these attitudes and behaviours is that they are highly “toxic.” It is important that we practise good self-care so that our stress doesn’t add more negativity to the situation.

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EP 561 – Remembering Date Night

EP 561 – Remembering Date Night

April 5, 2020

I remember date night…That was before hockey and weekends at the rink. That was before school projects and helping out with math homework.  And that was before going to bed before 9:00 was a matter of survival.  With today’s chaotic pace, it is easy to take your partner for granted.

When we first fall in love, everything is excitingly-new. But, as the novelty factor starts to wane, we settle into more of a routine. That’s when excitement can be replaced by boredom.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Research shows that couples can regain that excitement in their relationship by trying something new together.  Experiencing new things triggers the release of two brain chemicals, dopamine and norepinephrine — the same ones released when you’re newly in love.

So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating National Couple Appreciation Month:

Start going on dates again.

Plan a road trip to nowhere.

Go for a walk in the park and hold hands the entire time.

Cook a special dinner together just for the two of you.

Leave a quick note on the mirror, their gym bag, or their briefcase/purse to make them smile.

Take a minute to think about how much more enjoyable they make your life, and then tell them.

These are my suggestions, but I am sure that there are things that you did before that you would like to do again or new things that you would like to try with your partner.  So go ahead – what’s stopping you? (nothing should be stopping you!)  Nothing can be more important then ensuring that your relationship stays rock solid.

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EP 560 – Early Detection Is Key

EP 560 – Early Detection Is Key

April 4, 2020

I had no idea. There will be nearly 9,000 new cases of Testicular Cancer diagnosed during this year and more than 300 young men will die from the disease because they didn’t catch it in time. That is more deaths than women in this age group who will die of breast cancer.)

Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in men ages 15-40, that time when we don’t want to admit the possibility of illness.  However, if detected early, it is among the easiest to cure.

So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Testicular Cancer Awareness Week:

You are never too young or too old to do a self-exam.  Teach young boys just like we do teen girls to do a self-exam.  It should not be embarrassing, and it does save lives.

Know the risk factors:

Age: Most testicular cancers occur between the ages of 15 and 40.

The main risk factor for testicular cancer are undescended testicle(s).

A family history of testicular cancer increases the risk.

Race and ethnicity: The risk of testicular cancer among white American men is about five times that of African-American men and more than double that of Asian-American men.

Talk about it. Private parts are private, but knowing how to detect an illness early is just as essential as the ‘birds and the bees’.

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EP 559 - How Not To Let Social Phobias Derail You

EP 559 - How Not To Let Social Phobias Derail You

April 3, 2020

I have a Social Phobia.  It produces extreme reactions in me. 

I am a stress and wellness speaker.  I can stand up in front of hundreds of people.  However, put me into a situation where I am being graded, evaluated, or tested and I fold. I think that I have FNE or fear of negative evaluation.

This became obvious when I went to a karate grading.  It wasn’t even really being graded. It was being pre-graded for my black belt.  When the big day came, it overwhelmed me. 

When I think back, I know that this happened at every skating competition and every piano recital.

So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Stress Awareness Month:

Many employees hate the performance appraisal to the point where they make them physically ill.  Often in these situations, they miss any positive comments and hear only the areas that were cited as needing to improve. 

As employers, flexibility is needed.  Not all performance appraisals need to be delivered in person.  Allow people to choose how they want to proceed. 

If you have a social phobia, know that to overcome a fear takes work. You need to slowly learn how to challenge some of the unhelpful thoughts that the fear generates.

Expose yourself to your social phobia in a safe way.  Plan and practice your stress strategies ahead of time so that they are like second nature during your exposure.

Ask for help.  Let others support you during those stressful times.

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EP 558 - Make Sure You Stay Safe

EP 558 - Make Sure You Stay Safe

April 2, 2020

Part of spring cleaning is tackling your cupboards and drawers.  Well how about that medicine cupboard’ Do You Know About Medication Safety’

I know that mine had been neglected when I found a jar of Vicks medicated rub from when I was a kid.  Yes, that was a long time ago and yes, it was about time that it was thrown out.  I have no idea if that stuff ever goes bad, but I probably should have thrown it out years ago.  I have carted it from my bedroom, to my residence room, to my first apartment, and then from one home to the next with my family.

Medication errors are said to affect at least 1.5 million Canadians per year according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information.  And those mistakes can be disastrous.

Medication safety isn’t just about an expiry date.  It’s about safe storage.  Knowing what medications may interact with other medications, food and supplements. It’s about telling your doctor about any side effects you may have had from previous prescriptions and what supplements or over-the-counter medications you may be taking.

So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Medication Safety Week:

Check your prescriptions periodically for expiration dates

Don’t share medicines with friends or family

Dispose of medications properly. Most pharmacies will take your old drugs for proper disposal. Avoid putting them in trashcans or into the toilet

Remember that the term “natural” does not necessarily mean “safe”.  Treat all supplements and herbal remedies with the same respect as you would any prescribed medications

 Make Sure That Your Family Stays Safe And Healthy

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EP 557 - Fun Deficiency Syndrome

EP 557 - Fun Deficiency Syndrome

April 1, 2020

Today we fight the perils of FDS: Fun Deficiency Syndrome on this National Fun Day

Today is also Wet Monday.  A tradition that was grew out of splashing holy water to a university wide water fight.  Now, that sounds like fun!

It is also National Deep Dish Pizza Day – how about squishing some dough and making your own pizzas. That could be fun and probably not too messy!

Cheap, But Fun Things To Do

A lack of money shouldn’t mean a lack of fun.  There are lots of fun things to do that don’t require any money at all.  Play dress up or make-believe with your kids.  Go and ride your bike.  Take a walk at the beach or along a nature trail and see what spring has to offer.  Play catch or Frisbee with your dog.

Fun can take place at work as well.  This is also Laugh At Work Week – so check out our posting on this celebration for things that you can do at work.

When we are having fun we forget ourselves.  Fun includes happiness, amusement, exhilaration, laughter and joy.  However, we lose our sense of fun as we age if we do not nourish it regularly.

So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating National Fun Day:

Do something fun today – anything – but don’t let the day pass without having some fun!

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